Sharing Above the Line - How to Answer a Non-Compliant Question Compliantly


How many times has some asked you a completely non-compliant question? For me, it's daily. Here is an example of how I answer compliantly and also teach compliance in a round-about way. Most of the time these questions are asked by people who have never used used essential oils, let along heard of FDA compliance. Sometimes they come from independent distributors that should know better, but no one likes a tattle tail. It is better to lead by example in a loving manner. People copy one another to learn. I mean that's how babies learn to eat and speak, right?

So, here it goes...

Non-Compliant question: "I have a horrible Sore throat! What oils can use to make it better?"

Compliant Answer: "I'm so sorry you're sick. I love to drink thieves tea year around to support my immune system."

Note: If the questions keep coming and it's clear that your friend is fishing for something more specific, let them know that you will contact them privately to discuss some other options and places they can find more information. Take this private time to explain the importance of compliant questions in a loving way. Never correct them publicly and keep in mind that private messages are still subject to compliance. The "do as I do, not as I say" method doesn't work well with children and it usually does work well for adults. They will read between the lines and ultimately continue propagating potentially non-compliant speech. Be the example!

Hannah Shields