Sharing Above the Wellness Line

Now that we are commercial speakers for Young Living, let's talk Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BLT). Above the line is focused on the positive. Below the line is focused on the negative.

Which one would you prefer to represent? For me, it is the POSITIVE! I would love to live in a world of wellness, not sickness. Let's set the example with our businesses to share ATL and focus on positive wellness. You'll notice the stuff we can talk about far exceeds all the stuff we shouldn't.

I hope this generates some discussion. I know some of you may be discouraged, and it's time to get it out, so we can move past it. Another thing to consider is this: if you "prescribe" -tell your friend what will work best for them to cure their issue- you then set yourself up to be responsible if they don't get the results they were looking for. But if you direct them to resources, look over all the products that can support a system, and they choose for themselves, they are now empowered to continue discovery and the journey of wellness! And wellness is an ongoing journey since we are always changing. Empower others to take charge! That's our mission.

Hannah Shields