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**FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD WITH COUPON CODE 'FREEDOM' AT CHECKOUT** Enjoy printing and sending this set of July essential-oil-themed happy mail cards. Sized at 4x6", simply print 4-up on a letter-size piece of cardstock or your choice of paper and cut out, or upload PDF to Vista Print. This is a great project for the kids to help out with too!

Also included are JPEG images of each card so you can send them a virtual card through Project Broadcast, Email, or Message. For proper resolution printing, please use PDF files included.

You can even spritz the back with your favorite oil scent and let dry before you write a note and sign your name for an extra special touch!


Our site requires us to assign a price, but this is a free download. Please use coupon code FREEDOM at checkout.


We appreciate that you send referrals for this free download directly to our site rather than sharing files directly. You are welcome to add to the design, but please do not distribute or resell as your own. Thank you!


**Please note: If you are using a mobile device, you may need to download a free app, like WinZip, to open the zip file in order to access the pdf and jpeg files inside.

July 2021 Happy Mail Essential Oil Cards

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